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Research Project Proposals:
Requirements, Submission Process, and Forms

Principal investigators may apply for research project funding support from NWRI, which typically funds 2-6 new projects a year. NWRI-supported research projects have budgets ranging from $20,000 to $100,000 a year.

Please note that the graduate students of principal investigators currently receiving funding for a research project from NWRI are ineligible to receive an NWRI Fellowship.


NWRI does not have a specific deadline for pre-proposal or proposal applications.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


Update as of August 2012 - NWRI is not currently accepting pre-proposals or applications at the moment. 



1) Research Area

Research projects must fall under the following categories:

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2)     In Kind Contributions

3) Review & Evaluation

4) Final Report

All principal investigators are required to provide NWRI with a final report upon completion of their research project. This report will then be edited and made available to download on NWRI's website at www.nwri-usa.org/e-publications.


Submission Process

The processing time for research proposals takes about 2-6 months.

The principal investigator first submits a pre-proposal to NWRI describing the concept of the research and an estimated budget.

The pre-proposal will then be reviewed by the appropriate NWRI subcommittee(s).

If the pre-proposal is approved, the principal investigator will be invited to submit a full research project proposal.

The research project proposal is reviewed by the RAB at a project review meeting. The principal investigator must attend and present on the proposal at the review meeting.

If the RAB review is favorable, the RAB will make a recommendation for funding to the NWRI Board of Directors.

Once funding is approved, the project will commence once a funding agreement has been executed.


Application Forms

The following forms are available to download as a Word Document (.doc) that you can directly fill out. If you have trouble downloading either of these forms, please contact NWRI at (714) 378-3278 for assistance.