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June 13, 2018, E-Newsletter




NWRI Fellowship: 2018-2020 NWRI-AMTA Fellows Awarded


NWRI and the American Membrane Technology Association (AMTA) are pleased to announce that the 2018 NWRI-AMTA Fellowship for Membrane Technology has been awarded to doctoral students Michael Geitner of The Pennsylvania State University and Cassandra Porter of Yale University.


The fellowship provides $10,000 a year for 2 years to support graduate student research that pertains to NWRI's objectives to improve water quality, protect public health and the environment, and create safe, new sources of water, as well as AMTA’s mission to solve water supply and quality issues through the widespread application of membrane technology. Both recipients are conducting research on novel membrane technologies.


Geitner is a first-year doctoral student at The Pennsylvania State University, working under the supervision of Dr. Manish Kumar, Associate Professor Departments of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering (Kumar also was an NWRI-AMTA fellowship recipient from 2007 to 2009).  Geitner is evaluating bioinspired hypochlorite-resistant reverse osmosis membranes. 


Porter is a second-year doctoral student at Yale University working under the supervision of Dr. Menachem Elimelech, Roberto C. Goizueta Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering (and an NWRI Clarke Prize Laureate).  Porter is developing ion-rejecting membranes with polyelectrolytic layers produced through surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization.


Both fellows will attend the next AMTA-AWWA Membrane Technology Conference and Exposition in March 2019 in New Orleans, LA, to present their research and receive recognition of their fellowship awards.


For more information on the NWRI-AMTA Fellowship, visit http://www.amtaorg.com/nwri-amta-fellowships-for-membrane-technology.  To learn more about NWRI’s Fellowship Program, visit http://www.nwri-usa.org/fellowship.htm.


Save the Date: NWRI’s 25th Annual Clarke Prize Award Ceremony (Oct 26)


The NWRI Athalie Richardson Irvine Clarke Prize for Excellence in Water Research is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year on October 26, 2018, in Costa Mesa, CA.  The 2018 Clarke Prize recipient is Dr. Janet G. Hering, the Director of the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag), who was selected as this year’s award recipient because of her research into the chemistry of drinking water treatment and her scientific and policy-based advocacy of access to safe drinking water in the United States and abroad.  To learn more, visit http://www.nwri-usa.org/ClarkePrize.htm.


Water Industry News


WEF Disinfection and Reuse Symposium (Early Registration Deadline: Jun 15)


The Water Environment Foundation (WEF), in cooperation with the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association and the Water Research Foundation, will be hosting the Disinfection and Reuse Symposium, to be held July 29-31, 2018, in Portland, OR.  The symposium is designed to educate practitioners, facility owners, operators, researchers, and public administrators about current reuse and disinfection issues, including regulatory requirements and methods for analyzing problems and finding innovative solutions.


A pre-conference workshop will be held July 29, 2018, which will focus on “Emerging Issues with Pathogens and Constituents of Emerging Concern (CECs) in Water Reuse and Surface Water Discharge.”  The workshop team will share the latest research from pilot and full-scale treatment and monitoring approaches and provide attendees with the necessary tools to protect public health and water quality, specifically regarding hormones, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, pathogens, and antibiotic resistant bacteria in wastewater, non-potable reclaimed water, and purified reclaimed water for potable water reuse.


Early registration ends June 15, 2018.  To register for the symposium, visit https://www.wef.org/disinfectionreuse?utm_medium=&utm_medium=#DRS18&utm_source=emailmarketing2&utm_campaign=Disinfection%20and%20Reuse%202018.


UCI Symposium: The Past, Present, and Future of California Water (Jun 21)


The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of California, Irvine (UCI) will be hosting a symposium on “The Past, Present, and Future of California Water.” The symposium, to be held June 21, 2018, at the UCI campus in Irvine, CA, will focus on California’s water resources in the past, present, and future and alternative water resources, as well as celebrate Betty Olson’s 40-year career as a steward of California’s water.  Olson was a professor in the Department of Environmental Health, Science, and Policy and Environmental and Community Medicine at UCI, and her research expertise includes molecular techniques and the microbiology of drinking water and wastewater.  To register for this event, visit: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc_GtVg4Ax7M8tWeYb6E98B6UueTIcnBZIuihrJGuMuN0msjw/viewform.


WateReuse Awards for Excellence (Nomination Deadline: Jun 27)

The WateReuse Association is now accepting applications for its annual Awards for Excellence program.  These awards recognize individuals and projects that have made significant contributions in support of water reuse advocacy.  Recipients are successfully advancing the development of alternative water supplies or developing a novel approach to meeting water needs using water reuse systems.  The deadline to submit a nomination is June 27, 2018.  For questions, contact awards@watereuse.org.  To learn more about the Awards for Excellence, visit https://watereuse.org/news-events/awards/2018-awards/.


MSSC Future Industry Leaders Scholarship Program (Application Deadline: Jun 29)


The Multi-State Salinity Coalition (MSSC) is now accepting applications under its Future Industry Leaders Scholarship Program to award $2,500 to a full-time undergraduate or graduate student in a degree program related to water resources.  The award includes complimentary registration, lodging, and travel allowance to the 2019 MSSC Annual Salinity Summit, to be held February 1-March 1, 2019, in Las Vegas, NV.  The deadline to apply is June 29, 2018.  To apply, visit http://multi-statesalinitycoalition.com/events/.


WateReuse Direct Potable Reuse Webinar (Jul 11)


WateReuse will be hosting a webinar, “From Collection System to Tap: Designing Direct Potable Reuse Systems for Resilience,” on July 11, 2018.  The webinar will focus on a new Water Research Foundation (WRF) report that provides direct potable reuse (DPR) resilience guidance essential for any utility planning, designing, or considering a DPR system.


The webcast will discuss DPR resilience techniques at each stage, from wastewater source control through wastewater treatment, advanced water treatment, and distribution.  The presenters will also discuss application of risk assessment methods to aid decision makers in evaluating resilience-enhancing alternatives and identifying alternatives associated with the maximum risk reduction per triple bottom cost (people, plant, and profit).  Presenters include:

To register for this event, visit: https://watereuse.org/event/from-collection-system-to-tap-designing-direct-potable-reuse-systems-for-resilience/.


WateReuse Symposium: Keynote Address by Astronaut Scott Kelly (Sept 9-12)


United States Astronaut Captain Scott Kelly will be the keynote speaker at “What’s Working, What’s New, and What’s Next in Water Reuse,” the 33rd Annual WateReuse Symposium, to be held on September 9-12, 2018, in Austin, TX.  Captain Kelly will draw from his experiences to deliver unparalleled lessons and commentary on his year-long journey on the International Space Station (ISS).  Water is a precious and limited resource in space, so ISS crew members recycle it to survive.


Captain Kelly’s lessons on leadership, teamwork, and testing limits will set the stage for a comprehensive technical program that showcases the latest success stories in water recycling, shares exciting new ways in which communities and industries are adopting water reuse strategies, and discusses emerging innovations that will drive greater implementation and acceptance of water reuse in coming years.


Take advantage of Early Bird Discount Rates by registering at https://watereuse.org/news-events/conferences/annual-watereuse-symposium/registration-2/.